Tami, Owner/Founder of Wagon Coffee, identifies as a Recovery Advocate and Loved One of an Addict. Her husband, Ryan, is 9+ years sober. She has witnessed the beautiful transformation of recovery through him and within their marriage. In 2018, Ryan and Tami launched a nonprofit called FREE—for Addicts, loved ones of Addicts, and spiritual refugees. They create space for healing, recovery, and spiritual connection.
     Because of FREE, Tami learned more about women in recovery, their stories, the alarming and increasing addiction stats, and the hardships they face as WOMEN in recovery; 5.7% of women have a substance use disorder in the United States. She also discovered some staggering COVID-19 statistics...according to a Journal of American Medical Report (JAMA) report Women, in particular, exhibited a 41% increase in alcohol consumption over a 2019 baseline. Tami decided to do something, in the midst of a pandemic, to help women in recovery. And it just so happens [ironically enough] that 90% of recovering addicts and alcoholics drink coffee! Wagon Coffee was founded in 2020 by Tami Canaday in response to the critical need for assistance for those afflicted with alcohol and drug addiction. So, along comes wagon coffee...Why “Wagon”?! It comes from the century old saying, when you are sober, you are “on the wagon”. They are “being the wagon” by guiding women in recovery towards wholeness by providing second chances through employment, encouragement, & empowerment.
     Together Ryan and Tami are immersed in the process of offering healing, wholeness, inclusivity, & sustainability. Join them in being part of the solution.

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Unrivaled Consistency

Our roaster is manufactured by Bellwether Coffee, the most consistent, controllable and sustainable small batch coffee roaster in the world.

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Clean Energy

Bellwether’s recirculating roasting technology removes particulates and volatile organic compounds in real-time and is 100% Electric

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Zero Emissions

The air that exits the Bellwether Roaster is cleaner than the air going in, reducing the carbon footprint of each roasting cycle by an average of 90%


We inspire and guide women in recovery towards wholeness by providing second chances through employment, encouragement, and empowerment.

Our Vision is to have Wagon Coffee in every recovery facility in Colorado...and the nation. Be part of the solution by purchasing Wagon Coffee today.


According to the CDC 2019 report:
▪ In the U.S., 5.7 million women were reported as having an alcohol use disorder (AUD).

▪ 5% to 10% of women in the US will suffer from alcoholism sometime in their lives.

▪ Female alcoholics have death rates that are 50-100% higher than men who are alcoholics.

▪ In 2019, 4% of US women overall and 8% of women aged 18 to 25 years had an Alcohol Use Disorder.

Partners, Not Farmers

We source our coffee from trusted import partners & personal friends to ensure that it meets our sustainability, transparency, and high quality standards. We are committed to paying our producer partners above fair trade prices.

Our coffee is processed from farm to cup by humans (not machines) that receive livable, workable wages. Sustainability- economic empowerment, environmental sustainability, and gender equality- are central to who we are.

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