Wagon coffee is a sustainable and eco-friendly roastery that is woman owned and supports the recovery community.  We sustainably roast our ethically sourced coffee on a Bellwether roaster which is all electric zero-emissions roaster.

Wagon Coffee is a sustainable & eco-friendly coffee roastery in Denver that is women-owned & operated.

*Employs & Empowers Women In Recovery From Addiction

*Provides Verified Living Income To Coffee Farmers

*Supports Clean Energy Through Our 100% Electric, Lowest Carbon Footprint Bellwether Roaster

*Small Batch Artisan Quality


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  • Wagon Coffee was started by a woman who is empowering women in recovery

    In 2020, Tami Canaday started Wagon Coffee in Denver, employing and empowering women in recovery.


One Time Purchase, Subscription, or Wholesale

  • Founder Tami Canaday says she wanted to make the company “measurable, impactful [so people know] how their money and purchase is making a difference.” Her husband, Ryan, a pastor, has been in recovery for nearly nine years, and they set out a few years ag
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