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Medium Roast

For The Love, Jen Hatmaker’s Favorite Things 2022

For The Love, Jen Hatmaker’s Favorite Things 2022

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Ethiopian Natural - Medium Roast


Natural Process

This naturally processed Ethiopian Heirloom coffee is layered with tons of fruit and floral notes. Bright, fruity, sweet, and syrupy, this coffee is packed with endless notes of flavor.

Tasting Notes: Cherry, Vanilla, Ganache

Impact Story: Your purchase not only supports women in recovery, but it also supports coffee producers by providing market access, in addition to collaborating on development projects, gender equality initiatives, and quality improvement programs in its Country of Origin.

Farm Impact: A certified organic farm, Daye Bensa continues to focus on sustainability and giving back to their community of growers.

Their labor is sourced from the surrounding villages (with an emphasis and support for women workers). 

About The Farm: Ethiopia Mother Station Natural is grown and harvested in Bombe, Sidama, a place known for its rich vegetation and climate. The coffee is produced by local farmers and processed at the Qonqana washing station, named for a river that passes through the area. The washing station was the first and largest built by Daye Bensa Coffee, a company run by brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo that has built numerous mills in the Sidamo region and also exports and grows coffee. Being one of the first in the area, the washing station is often referred to as “The Mother Station” by locals.

Ethically, Responsibly, & Sustainably Sourced


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