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Medium Roast

Sober AF

Sober AF

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Indonesian - Bali - Medium Roast


Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Vanilla, Earthy, Syrupy, Low Acidity

Impact Story: Your purchase not only supports women in recovery, but it also supports coffee producers by providing market access, in addition to collaborating on development projects, gender equality initiatives, harvest finance, and quality improvement programs in its Country of Origin.

Farm Impact: Coming from family owned farms located in the Kintamani highlands on the island province of Bali, Indonesia which earn livable, workable wages through your purchase. Coffee is grown in the volcanic soils of Mount Agung along with citrus trees that provide shade and another source of income. Coffee production is typically organized around a Subak Abian, which refers to the ecologically sustainable irrigation systems developed more than 1,000 years ago by Hindu priest who practice Tri Hita Karana (the three sources of prosperity), a philosophy focused on the harmonization between the environment, humans and God.

A very rich, strong and smooth cup. A cousin to Sumatra or Sulawesi coffee; Blue Moon always is a bit smoother. Full bodied, very low acidity.

Ethically, Responsibly, & Sustainably Sourced


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