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Wagon Coffee

Sober AF Coffee + Sober AF Seasoning

Sober AF Coffee + Sober AF Seasoning

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Indonesian - Medium Roast


Cupping Notes: chocolate, vanilla, earthy, syrupy, low acidity

Willow Seasonings & Blends High Elevation Secret 🤐  Ingredient: “Sober AF” 

Salt, Pepper, and Garlic is a staple in the barbeque world as it is one of the most versatile rubs out there! The salt in SPG acts as a meat tenderizer (the longer the salt sits on your meat the better) and aids in hydrating your meat (salt retains water).  SPG is great on beef products, but it also adds incredible flavor to chicken and pork!

Willow Seasonings & Blends has been selected as the Winner of the 2022 American Royal Best Rub on the Planet!! 

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